¿Why BDO?

Working at BDO is a multidisciplinary experience thanks to the diversity of service lines we offer, the variety of sectors in which we operate, as well as the diversity of clients we work with. The richness of our firm centers on our team composed of: Auditors, Business Managers, Computer Engineers, Lawyers and other professionals with extensive general and specific experience trained to work individually and together to offer and generate solutions according to a structure of consultants:

•Semi Senior

Financial Statement Audits

The professionalism with which the firm performs each audit, taking into account all national and international regulations as well as BDO International regulations, have given Berthin Amengual & Asociados recognition throughout the business community of Bolivia , the public sector and within the field of International Funders.

Audit reports provide high added value for the decision-making of firms in addition to the fundamental value it represents for shareholders and third parties to have an independent professional opinion on the financial statements. Our focus is directed towards a review of corporate governance as a whole, analyzing internal aspects of every business but also taking into account external aspects and risks of the industry as such. Our team is multidisciplinary and highly qualified. The application of the tools, techniques and technology of audits of BDO International guarantees the quality and timeliness of our services.

Audit Control

To ensure that our audit work is developed with high quality standards required by BDO, we delimit the following:

Responsibilities and obligations of partners and staff in relation to our audit work. The requirements to conduct multi-level reviews, including concurrent reviews on sensitive jobs. Consultation or advice procedures from partners and staff. The appointment of audit personnel is based on the principle of delegating tasks to people that have the appropriate competence to carry out these functions efficiently and effectively. The work delegated to staff is reviewed by those responsible for the delegation to verify whether the work has been carried out satisfactorily, with the purpose of establishing significant errors and omissions that can be identified and corrected if the solution requires it before the final report is issued. Our philosophy rests in the principle that by accepting that the work is complete, the delegated person assumes responsibility.