Internal Audit

Audit is defined as:
"A systematic process performed by auditors in accordance with established rules and technical procedures, consisting of obtaining and objectively evaluating evidence of affirmations contained in legal acts or events of technical, economic, administrative and other nature, in order to determine the degree of correspondence between those assertions, legal provisions and established criteria. "
Internal Audit is practiced as an instrument of the administration itself responsible for the independent assessment of their activities. Therefore, Internal Audit should operate as an activity designed to add value and improve an organization's operations and contribute to the fulfillment of its objectives and goals; bringing a systematic and disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management processes, control and management.

Our firm´s internal audit services are the following:

* Professional Advice: Implementation of business strategies and methodologies.
* Training: training of internal auditors.
* Co-sourcing Services: Collaboration with internal auditors on the execution of the audit of specific units.
* Creation or transformation of the Internal Audit Department.
* Outsourcing Services: Development of internal audit within the firm.

All audit professionals and employers know that having an internal audit team that responds to the interests of the same and that constitutes an ally to top management by guaranteeing the correct administration, use and control of human resources, materials, and financials is of vital importance.

Prevention of Illicit Profits and Fight against Terrorism - 66I / FF.
Prevention of Administrative Fraud - PFA and Risk Research

These two services correspond to two new areas that are currently undergoing research and development within our firm and that we offer our clients.