Investment Project Analysis and Study of Capital

We offer feasibility studies for new ventures and new investments. We help our customers determine the financial feasibility of projects by applying the best practices to assess the potential of each of them. Managers, creditors and investors are concerned with the financial health of the business in the long term. We analyze the current capital structure and propose solutions based on corporate business strategies.

Financial Planning and Consulting

Currently, we observe a greater number of companies that focus their efforts on the search for long-term sustainable growth to add value for shareholders. That is why we help companies meet these objectives through the planning and analysis of investment decisions and financing and divestment, if applicable. We offer our clients an independent view on industry trends and different business issues.

Business Valuations - DUE DILIGENCE

Before selling or buying a company, it is important to know its fair market value. We help our customers by providing them with the fair market value and guidelines to define a fair price of sale or purchase.

Sale or Purchase Consulting

In addition to providing financial and strategic information for the negotiation process, we are actively involved throughout the process, providing advice and feedback to our customers during the negotiation process. We help our customers during the process of selling their businesses. We prepare our customers through an analysis of current market conditions, assessing and restructuring their business, to obtain a fair sales price as well as by participating in negotiations and providing due diligence.